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Are you charged with designing new products or processes, or improving existing ones? Would you like to achieve breakthrough results, not just incremental improvement? The Unleashing Engineering Creativity workshop teaches techniques that can help you do just that! The workshop is customized to each client’s engineering environment and available worldwide.

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Take an exciting, fun mini-workshop and learn how to apply TRIZ (one of the many creativity stimulation techniques taught in our full workshop) to the solution of a real engineering problem. Earlier taught WebLive™, it’s available as a Now@Web™ e-learning course for just $49, but you can get it free as a member. (Become member, it’s free!). Let your friends know about this, too; they’ll thank you for it! This is a real, 35-minute long short course, not a sales webinar.


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This book is the textbook component of the Eogogics Unleashing Engineering Creativity Workshop. Written by Joe Berk, a Principal Member of the Eogogics Engineering Faculty, it explores the best techniques for stimulating creative thinking, solving design challenges, and creating new (or improving existing) products and processes. Research shows that even we as engineers (who are paid to be creative) lose much of our natural creativity by the time we become adults. But there’s help! This engaging, practical, and lavishly illustrated book discusses most of the powerful creativity stimulation techniques taught in the Eogogics creativity workshop. The workshop builds on the book to help you thoroughly understand and apply these techniques to your own engineering challenges. An exciting, fun book, it’s a good first step toward becoming a more creative engineer!

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Meet Joseph Berk, the Lead Unleashing Engineering Creativity Instructor:

Joe is a Principal Member of the Eogogics Engineering Faculty. During his distinguished 30+ year career he has been a hands-on engineer, engineering executive, educator/researcher, consultant, and author of 10 books, including Unleashing Engineering Creativity, an Eogogics publication. His work has exposed him to a broad range of industries, e.g., aerospace, defense, electronics, biomedical, metal fabrication, energy, automotive, consumer goods, water treatment, and more. His industry experience brings a real world touch to his training that course participants love. Besides creativity stimulation, his skillset includes product/process design and improvement, engineering management, root cause and failure modes/effects analysis, design of experiments, and cost reduction. He has taught extensively in the US and abroad, receiving high marks for his subject matter expertise, dynamism, and sense of humor. Joe holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in mechanical engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

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