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Posted to our Linkedin page by Luis Valencia, Network Products Strategy at Intelsat: "We just had an excellent two-day LTE class at our facility in DC. I worked with Eogogics on the curriculum and ended with 12 highly demanding technology professionals very satisfied with the course materials and the excellent instructor."

Dorin Balcan, Dir. of Engg., Zebra, re. the Unleashing Engineering Creativity Workshop:Unlike ‘softer’ creativity courses on the market, we wanted a hard-hitting program developed and taught by and for engineers. ... We were looking for a workshop that was state-of-the-art, aimed at technical folks, application oriented, and taught by an SME. This workshop will go a long way in helping us master the art and science of inventing."

Participant Comments from Recent GD&T Class: "Well organized, comprehensive course. Good comparison of current and old standard. Good examples, exercises, and quizzes. Very knowledgeable instructor, answered all questions well. Very good overall."

Greg Klein, Manager, Zebra Technologies, commenting on a recent GD&T class: “Once again, Eogogics has provided my team with a thorough understanding of another engineering toolset.  A well prepared and educated instructor worked seamlessly with the comprehensive course workbook to keep the students engaged and leave us all with a great understanding of the subject matter.”

Participant of Recent Project/Portfolio Management Classes at Xerox, Canada: 
“Relevant, important, eye opening, and powerful! Awesome! … [Liked] instructor’s passion and competence.”

Posted to our Facebook page by Sean Sweeney, Manager, Mechanical Eng., Zebra Technologies: "Joseph recently wrapped up teaching a Root Cause Failure Analysis course at Zebra Technologies. What a remarkable instructor! His knowledge and experience was outstanding. It's always good when an instructor has decades of real world experience to bring to a training course. KK at Eogogics does an excellent job bringing world class instructors in to his network and provides great support."

ABC Television's Chun Hu, General Manager, on a Recent LAN Class:
"It applied to our environment, [instructor] explained things in great detail with real-world experience, [participant handbook's] layout great, easy to follow. Great overview, lots of useful info."

Eric Knoblock, Comm. Sys. Engineer, NASA re Recent SATCOM Class:

“Exactly what we were looking for in the course. Instructor is very effective at teaching and very knowledgeable of course content.  Handbook is well organized and visually effective.”

Neer Ziskind, Sr. Dir., BridgeWave Communications re a Recent LTE Class: "I wanted to thank you and Bob for the LTE course. It was a very big step for us, an introduction to a world that we are not well acquainted with, and Bob did a great job in easing our way into it. I liked the way he went from a high level to the details. He’s very knowledgeable, calm, and knows his audience."

Joshua Wellman, Team Leader, US Army, on a Recent SATCOM Class: "A one word wrap-up of the course would be "outstanding."  Ron was very knowledgeable ... this course would've been overwhelming given the timeline but with an outstanding instructor and course layout it wasn't ... everyone thought that the course was well worth it. Too often we end up taking courses with instructors who haven't walked the walk and can't talk the talk but Ron was on point. We really appreciate ... everyone here benefitted from it. Thanks again."

Mike Augustis at Lockheed-Martin, host of a recent GSM/GPRS/EDGE Course:  "Instructor was everything we could have hoped for and more. Very warm and energetic, informative, and concise. It was a great credit to his ability that the class stayed focused through a lot of very technical information. I had expected to lose a few people along the way but that was not the case. He kept everyone intrigued and alert.  Now I can easily instruct other team members in their assignments with a good feeling that they have a sound basis and understanding of the subject matter."

Mohammad Azeem, a WebLive (TM) Class Participant regarding recent classes: "The first two classes were simply outstanding! Thank you for offering quality training at such affordable rates to telecom community."

Le’uo Alani Faiai, Gen. Manager of Operations & Engineering, SamoaTel Ltd, Samoa:  "... re. the 5-day GSM & Optimisation class ... I'm happy to say that the material presented by the instructor was excellent and his knowledge on the subject extremely remarkable.  Equally importantly, the way he delivered the class was very well received by all the participants.  He kept them very involved; they did not miss a minute of the class.  There were many new things learnt; many doubts cleared.  The participants regard it as the best training they have ever attended. Everyone was very satisfied.  On behalf of SamoaTel, I'd like to thank you and Eogogics very much for providing a course of this quality and an instructor of this experience level.  It is fair to say that this class was worth every penny we spent on it.”

Tim House, PCIA’s Director of Marketing and Sales, commenting on the just-announced PCIA-Eogogics partnership (see story): “The Eogogics team, led by KK Arora, has been involved with many landmark wireless industry projects worldwide since 1990. We wanted to leverage its resources to enhance educational opportunities for our members and the industry.”

Peggy Fayvich, Fmr Vice President, Org. Devel., Crown Castle: “Since our core business involved constant landlord and tenant negotiation and renegotiation, effective negotiation was mission critical. We needed customized courses that were specific to our industry and our company and included case studies derived from our own business. Eogogics developed and taught those on time and within budget and received excellent reviews from the business people who participated in these courses."

Chris Oliver, Vice President, Engineering, IntelliOne: “We needed deep technical knowledge of GSM systems to help us with the redesign of one of our core products. The work was difficult and would push the state of the art. The Eogogics engineers were more than “subject matter experts”; they became an integral part of our team, working closely with our developers to engineer a product that surpassed our expectations. They took personal pride in the project. With their work completed, they still call me monthly to make sure everything is working correctly! And it does work correctly – our data quality has improved by orders of magnitude. We hope we can use them again in the near future.”

Josef Fencl, Head - Network Measurement, T-Mobile, Czech Republic: “T-Mobile CZ operates a nationwide network that uses UMTS-TDD, not a widespread technology. As we started to search for good training, we realized that none of the leading training companies had a course on UMTS-TDD – except Eogogics! They had not one but two good courses. (Of course they also had everything else a wireless operator could possibly want.) We told Eogogics we had a certain blueprint for the course in our mind. No problem for Eogogics! They were very accommodating about putting their two UMTS-TDD courses together, with added/deleted topics, to come up with a comprehensive course that matched our exact needs. When they taught the course, it had an in-depth treatment of everything important to us and imparted critical insights into the technology while also illuminating the why’s and how’s of vendor implementations. And all at a great price! So if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary and a little more custom than available from an average training company can offer, don’t despair, try Eogogics!”

Neely Carbone, Deployment Coordinator, WebNet Global: “Since not too many companies do RF safety training, we were glad to have found Eogogics after a long search. They put together a web seminar that catered to our company’s own needs. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. At the end of the class, everyone felt quite confident about their work with RF. The customer service staff was very helpful and easy to work with. All in all, Eogogics provided us with expert training and outstanding service. We look forward to using them again for our RF safety and other training needs.”

More Detailed Client Feedback

Eogogics: Technology & Soft Skils Training and Services

James P. Cavanagh Mobile Backhaul: The Missing Link
Mobile is hot and mobile backhaul is thriving. As the number of mobile devices grows the need to bridge the gap between the subscriber devices and the IP cloud grows and as the bandwidth demand increases the demand for a bigger bridge between the subscriber devices and the IP cloud also grows. This is where "mobile backhaul", or as it is sometimes called "wireless backhaul", comes into play.
Read article.

Eogogics: Technology & Soft Skils Training and Services

Why Eogogics?

Why Eogogics?

  • Unmatched Expertise: Industry-leading 500-course curriculum based on first-hand technology deployment, employee development, and human resources experience. We have been engaged in ground-breaking projects worldwide for 20+ years.

  • Industry Recognized: Preferred or sole-source provider for Fortune 500 companies, R&D organizations, major US government agencies, state governments, and industry trade groups.

  • High Client Satisfaction: 100% of our classes rate good-to-excellent, 98% client retention, 85% of business from client referrals. See our website for signed, enthusiastic client testimonials.

  • World-class Instructors: With advanced degrees, 15-40 years in the real world, extensive ISD and platform skills training, publications, patents, and awards/honors. They mix teaching, R&D, and consulting to keep their skills razor sharp. Their instruction is clear, dynamic, and entertaining!

  • Customized, Practical Courses: Collaborate with the instructor to design a course, workshop, or action learning program focused on your own mission critical needs. Attend classes onsite at your offices or, in some cases, on the World Wide Web. Flexible schedules.

  • Buy Coach, Travel First Class: Using technology to drive down our operating costs, we offer top-tier instructors and courses tailored to your business processes and culture at prices that are 15-30% below market. Special discount for Government agencies.

Knowledge That Can Power Your Organization: Avoid the cost and delay of trial-and-error! Benefit from our 20+ year experience, knowledge of industry best practices, and unbiased advice.

Join a Distinguished Clientele That Includes: Disney, Lockheed Martin, DIRECTV, Boeing, UBS, Raytheon, Dell, AT&T, ABC News, Sprint Nextel, Comcast, L-3 Communications, Crown Castle, ITT, SAIC, URS, Shaw, SkyTerra, NII, Intelsat, Harris, Booz Allen Hamilton, TruePosition, Spectra Energy, Cooper, Bain & Company, DoD, HLS, DoE, DoC, DoJ, and NASA. Call or email us today!

About Eogogics

About Eogogics

Offerings by Subject: Engineering, Telecommunications, Wireless, RF, SATCOM, Defense, Public Safety/Security, Technical Management/Communications, and Professional/Leadership Development. To view detailed course outline, use the “Courses at a Glance” table (below) or the navigation pane on the left.

By Product/Service: Onsite Classes, Web Based Classes, Public Seminars, e-Learning, Research Reports.

Clientele: Join a distinguished clientele that includes: Disney, Lockheed Martin, UBS, Boeing, DIRECTV, Raytheon, Dell, AT&T, ABC News, Sprint Nextel, Comcast, L-3 Communications, ITT, SkyTerra, SAIC, URS, Shaw, TruePosition, NII, Intelsat, Harris, Crown Castle, Booz Allen Hamilton, Spectra Energy, Cooper, Bain & Company, DoD, HLS, DoE, DoC, DoJ, and NASA. Call or email today!

For Details: Visit our About Us page

Eogogics Course Offerings at a Glance
Technology (also see Telecom & Wireless, RF, Microwaves, SATCOM below)

Engineering Math/Economics: Ind. Statistics, Expt. Design (1), Expt. Design (2), Stat. Process Control, Eng. Economics, Eng. Economics for Telecom

Engineering Design: Eng. Creativity, GDT, GD&T (3 days), Stat. Tolerance Analysis, Tolerancing Using GD&T, Print Reading, Poka-Yoke

Materials & Processes: Metal Parts & Process Cap., Plastics vs. Other Materials, Plastic Material Selection, Plastic Molding & Producible Design, Plastic Part Failure Analysis

Reliability Engineering: Reliability Engineering, FMEA, RCFA - Systems Failure, RCFA - Component Failure, RCFA & Expt. Design, RCFA (4 days), RCFA (5 days), RCFA (5 days)

Systems Engineering: Syst. Eng (4 days), Syst. Eng (2 days), Thinking Out of the Box

Software Engineering: Principles, Advanced Tutorial, Structured Use Cases, Config. Management, Testing, Project Estimation, Project Management, Quality Assurance

Product & Process Improvement, Technical Management: Delivery Performance Improvement, Quality Management, Cost Reduction, Manufacturing Leadership Workshop, Offshore Supplier Management and Performance Assurance, Tech. Management Do’s and Don’ts, also see Project Management below

Technical Communications: Tech. Writing, Tech. Proposal Writing & SWOT Analysis

Telecom (also see Wireless, RF, Microwaves, SATCOM further down)

Networks (General): CompTIA Network+, Switching/Routing, CCNA, Cisco Routing, MPBN, IPTV (e-learn.), ATM, ATM (Adv.)

Network Security: CompTIA Sec.+, IPSec v2, IPsec v3, SIP Sec, SIP Sec (3 days), VoIP Sec, WiFi/LAN Sec., Cloud Comp. Sec., Cyber Sec., Sec./Priv./Info. Integrity for Mgrs

Traffic Engineering: Traffic Eng. - Voice/Data, Traffic Eng. Models, Traffic Eng. of QoS-Aware Multimedia Networks: Access & Backbone

Network Management: SNMP, SNMPv3, SNMP Agent Devel., Ethernet OAM

IPv6/IPv4, MoIP, BGP: IP5D, IPv6, IPv6 Impl., IPv6 Migration, TCP/IP & MoIP, IPSec v2, IPsec v3, Mobile IP, BGP

MPLS, NextGen: NGN Talk (e-learn.), NGN (e-learn.), MPLS (e-learn.), MPLS Intro., MPLS, MPLS Appl., MPLS Eng.

IMS, SIP, VoIP: CompTIA Convergence+, SIP, SIP Sec, SIP Sec (3 days), VoIP (Intro.), VoIP, VoIP Sec, EoIP (In-Depth), IMS, SIP, VoIP, IMS, LTE/IMS Interwork, IMS & Carrier Bus. Economics

IN, CAMEL, SIP, SS7: CAMEL, CAMEL (Adv.), SS7/C7 (Intro.), SS7/C7, SS7/C7 (In-Depth), also see IMS

Positioning, LBS: IP Locn. & Geolocn., Posn. & Locn. Wkshp, Posn. & Locn. Wkshp. (Adv.), LTE & UMTS/HSPA LBS to Support E911

Cloud Computing: Business & Technology, Market, Appl. Case Studies, Arch. & Impl., Standards & Protocols, Security, End-to-End, Design & Impl.

Optical Networks: Fiber Optics, Opt. Netwkg., SONET/SDH, DWDM (Intro.), DWDM

Mobile Wireless Backhaul: End-to-End™, Business & Technology, Market, Appl. Case Studies, Arch. & Impl., Standards & Protocols, Security

OSS/BSS: Frameworx/eTOM (Intro.), Frameworx/eTOM/SID/TAM, eTOM/SID Wkshp, SID (Intro.), Wireless for OSS/BSS, Emerging Wireless for OSS/BSS

Telecom for Public Safety, HLS, DoD: CALEA, Emerging Comm., Unified Comm., Cyber Sec./Warfare, Cyber Space & Cyber Conflict Policy, Voice for 911 Pro’s, VoIP for 911, 911 for IP Pro’s, also see Wireless for Public Safety, HLS, and DoD below

Telecom Made Easy: Optical Netwkg., NGN Talk (e-learn.), NGN (e-learn.), IPTV (e-learn.), VoIP (Intro.), IMS & Carrier Bus. Economics, Cloud Computing Bus. & Tech., Cloud Computing Market, Backhaul End-to-End, Backhaul Bus. & Tech., Backhaul Market, Sec./Privacy/Info. Integrity for Mgrs., also see Wireless Made Easy further down

Wireless, RF, Microwaves, and Satellite Communications

RF/Wireless/SATCOM Made Easy: 5G for Execs., 2G to 4G, 4G (e-learn.), LTE for Business, LTE for Execs., LTE Talk (e-learn.), LTE (e-learn.), WiMAX for Business, WiMAX Talk (e-learn.), WiMAX (e-learn.), Wireless for Business, Wireless for Execs., Future of Wireless, WiFi for Execs., SATCOM for Execs., RF for Execs.

RF, Microwaves: RF Bootcamp, RF Systems, RF for Technicians, RF for LMR & Pub. Safety, RF Prop./Fading & LBA, RF Optim., Antennas, HF, RF Safety, RF Safety for Execs. Signal Proc’g., MW Link Design (2 days), MW Link Design (4 days), MW Eng. Wkshp.

Wireless (General): Wireless Overview, Cell Plan’g & Site Devel’t, 3G & Beyond, 2G to 4G+, Broadband Wireless, Future of Wireless, IEEE WCET (I), IEEE WCET (II), MobileTV

Site Development: Site Acquisition, Soft Skills for Site Acquisition

Multi-technology:Everything Wireless, Wireless All-in-One, 3G &Beyond, 2G to 4G, Future of Wireless, UMTS & CDMA2000 (3 days), UMTS & CDMA2000 (5 days), UMTS-GSM Interoperability, Wireless TechnologyComparison

5G Wireless: 5G Tutorial, 5G Technology, 5G: Federal & Defense Appl.

4G, LTE, WiMAX (e-learning): 4G Intro., OFDM & MIMO, LTE Talk, LTE Intro., LTE Technology, WiMAX Talk, WiMAX Intro., WiMAX Technology

LTE: LTE Course, LTE Tutorial, LTE Advanced, LTE Air Inter., LTE/SAE Fund., LTE Radio Access, OFDM/MIMO, LTE Core Netwk., LTE/SAE NextGen Trans., LTE-IMS Interwork., LTE RF Des. Wkshp., LTE Network Planning Course, LTE Air Inter. for HW/SW Devel’t, LTE Air Inter. Tech. , LTE Adv. Techniques, LTE Signal’g, LTE Plan’g, LTE/4G (4 days), LTE (2 days), LTE/SAE Overview, Pub. Safety Supt. in LTE, LTE & UMTS/HSPA LBS to Supt. E911

WiMAX: WIMAX Course , WIMAX Tutorial, WiMAX/Mobile WiMAX, WiMAX/Mobile WiMAX Radio Plan’g/Optim. , WiMAX Traffic/Capacity Eng., OFDM/MIMO

UMTS/WCDMA: UMTS, UMTS Adv., UMTS-TDD, UMTS-TDD Adv., HSDPA, WCDMA/HSPA Plan’g & Dim’g, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA Optim., UMTS-GSM Interoperability, LTE & UMTS/HSPA LBS to Supt. E911, 3G Traffic Eng., UMTS & CDMA2000 (3 days), UMTS & CDMA2000 (5 days), CDMA Security

GSM, GPRS, EDGE: GSM (Basic), GSM/GPRS/EDGE, GSM (Intermed.), GSM Security, GSM (Adv.), GPRS, EDGE, EGPRS Eng., GSM/GPRS/EDGE Optim.

CDMA, CDMA/2000: UMTS & CDMA2000 (3 days), UMTS & CDMA2000 (5 days), CDMA/cdma2000, cdmaOne/IS95, 1xRTT, 1xEVDO, 1xEVDV, CDMA Security

iDEN™, TETRA: iDEN™ (Basic), iDEN™ (Comprehensive), TETRA (Comprehensive)

WiFi, Bluetooth: WiFi, WiMedia, Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi LAN Oprn. & Security, WIFI for Cellular Engineers, WiFi for Execs., WiFi Technology, Metropolitan WiFi , WiFi, WiFi Security, Bluetooth (3 days), Bluetooth (5 days), Bluetooth Opn., Appl. & Sec. (3 days)

SATCOM: SATCOM for Execs., Commercial/Military SATCOM A-Z, VSAT Des., Instln., Progm. Mgt. SATCOM: Earth Station Des.

RF & Wireless for Public Safety, HLS, DoD: Wireless (All Technologies) for DoD, 5G Wireless: Fed. & DoD Appl., LTE for Pub. Safety, GSM Security, CDMA Security, Wireless for Law Enforc’t., RF for LMR & Pub. Safety, HF

Spectrum Management: Broadband Technology, Policy, Regulation, Spectrum Plan’g, Monitoring, Licensing, Economics, Spectrum Monitoring Wkshp., Radio Measurem’t Equip’t, Vector Network Anal.

Professional and Management Development

Management: Meetings, Supervision, Giving Feedback, Coaching, Diversity Mgt., Sexual Harassment, Influencing, Create a Leading Up Culture, Leading Upward, Strategic Analysis, HR Performance Metrics

Project Management: Portfolio Mgt., Portfolio Mgt. (3 days), PM (1 day), PM (2 days), PM (3 days), PM (5 days), Project & Team Mgt., Project Budget, Adv. PM, PMP Prep, Change Control, Risk Mgt., Software PM, People in Projects, Project Conflict Resolution, also see Technical Management under Technology (above)

Leadership: Leadership (Basic), Leadership (Inter.), Leadership (Adv.)

Professional Effectiveness: Empowerment, Positive Attitude, Time Mgt., Stress Mgt., Creativity, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking, Effective Presentations, Business Communication, Marketing Your Skills in a Behavioral Interview, Career Transition & Betterment

Interpersonal Skills: Effective Meetings, Influencing Skills, Effective Negotiation, Dealing w. Difficult Behavior, Diversity for Staff, Respectful Workplace, Workplace Violence, Sexual Harassment, Conflict Mgt., Team Play, Change Mgt., also see Technical Communications under Technology (above)

Sales and Customer Service: Art of Selling, Cust. Service Excellence, Internal Consulting & Cust. Service, Writing Proposals

Technology-Based Office Skills: e-Communications, Virtual Collaboration, Virtual Mgt., MS Office Applications

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